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This course will teach you how to use, market to, and advertise on Reddit.

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Over four hours of detailed & intensive training on Reddit.

Learn How to Go Viral

Reddit can generate a ton of traffic in a short amount of time.

Master Reddit Advertising

Generate leads at half the cost of other social networks (if not FREE!)

Alex Rodriguez YMMY Marketing

"I've made cash money on Reddit, which is more than a lot of 'social media' gurus can say about even Twitter."

- Alex Rodriguez
President, YMMY Marketing

How To Use Reddit In Your Business Marketing Toolbox

You know how everyone and their digital dog is trying Facebook ads? And you know Facebook's clicks and traffic costs in general are climbing?

So here's a thing: What if I told you that Reddit is **my** secret sauce place for:

✅ Getting leads at half the cost of Facebook (or FREE!)

✅ Getting twice the traffic of Facebook posts back to landing pages

✅ Researching ideas to monetize in a more online-savvy demographic

✅ Constantly being able to find quality developers, copywriters and marketing contacts to add to my team for literally FREE, without having to advertise on Upwork, oDesk or whatever fail sites the kids are using these days. 

Listen - not going to sugarcoat it, but Reddit is insanely hardcore and not a welcoming place for newbies BUT, if you can crack it, it's going to revolutionise your approach to social media marketing, and networking in general. 

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You are probably thinking...

“I literally have zero idea on Reddit, but I hear it’s a horrible place for Marketers and Business Owners”

That’s a nope from me on that old chestnut that’s peddled by the Facebook™ marketers that know only the One True Zuckerberg Way™.”

* 85% of Reddit Users are under 35
* Median household income around USD65,000
* Surprisingly even split between birds and blokes
* 16 mins is the average time spent on returning users on Reddit
* 92% of users purchased something online in the last 6 months

Yes! Reddit is like a Fight Club, But...

Trouble IS, you might only have a vague understanding of what Reddit actually IS, let alone using it to profit from.

Reddit is also a brutal place for marketers and self promoters seriously, it’s like Fight Club for Marketing. Us people in the know about how Reddit works for our clients and ourselves well, we don’t talk about such things here

Way too much traffic is a good problem to have... Don't you think?

Reddit works, and when it works - hooooo boy.. Prepare for a Reddit Hug O’ Death on your server. Seriously. Could your server handle the floods of traffic coming to it as a result of a great Reddit post? Good problem to have, right? This can happen when you go viral on Reddit overnight (or within a few hours, is my record for a client!)

Reddit is our Secret Weapon! Even your seven figure gurus are clueless.

It’s our Secret Weapon when everyone else is focusing on the aging and increasingly-disinterested Facebook audiences.

At the risk of sounding like a Holier-Than-Thou snob, but all the ZOMGZ 7 FIGURE MARKETING GURUS don’t seem to have a clue about Reddit. So you never batted an eye at Reddit as you don’t know what you don’t know. So… BEHOLD

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