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Zero to Hero Training

Scale your efforts MASSIVELY where you do around 15 minutes a day in total on "all this YouTube stuff". The course's hacks and tweaks mean you do VERY LITTLE after you've followed along and setup your channel as you learn.

If you're a business owner looking to use video marketing as a way of generating leads and sales, then look no further than YouTube!

If you're a vlogger looking to make at least $200 per day using your own and others' videos - then look no further than YouTube!

A billion views a day means that you and your product or service are going to find an audience who can be ultimately turned into both channel Subscribers and, more importantly, paying clients!

What's Included:

Grow Your Channel

You will learn how to initially configure your YouTube channel the RIGHT way, all the way up to some VERY advanced growth marketing methods.

Make $200/day on YouTube

You'll learn, in forensic steps, how to automate the ENTIRE process on how to make a few hundred bucks a day - before you've even had your morning cornflakes. That can be your own products or services OR other affiliate products.

Learn YouTube SEO

Google is the largest search engine, and YouTube is the second-largest search engine. You'll learn how to optimize your videos to capture more search traffic from both of them.

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Jen Lehner

I'm only on the 4th video and I've already gotten 10x my $$$ worth!

"I'm a huge Nathan fan. He's no bs, no fluff, and delivers a ton of value. I'm mostly familiar with his live streams, which are great, but wasn't sure how that would translate into an actual course. Well, I'm blown way by how well Nathan teaches. Not only does he share extremely cool tricks you won't see anywhere else, he does so in a really organized, clear, concise way. I was fortunate to get in at one of the early entry prices, because this course is worth 10x what I paid for it. Easily. (It's not just a YouTube get an entire Google Analytics training, too!)" - Jen Lehner

Absolute Ninja!!!


Seriously if you do this course - do it EXACTLY at the same time as Nathan does. In a matter of days I had completed so much in regards to analytics and setting up Google.

The $200 a day hack is utterly amazing and the potential is limitless.

YouTube ain't no longer just an aimless time zapper - it's now another tool for extra $$$

So good!" 

- Christopher Watts

Sarah Cordiner


This course leaves absolutely NOTHING out.  Practical, step by step, follow the clicks and implement some seriously insane growth-hacking.  I consider myself a good marketer and this is the first course I've taken in a long time where i learned something new in almost every lecture.  I followed nathan's steps in the 'make $200 a day' lecture and I made $588 in a single day when i launched my podcast using his method... weeks later it IS still bringing in some money.  it works and i love it.  well worth the investment."

- Sarah Cordiner, Entrepreneur & Consultant

Marketers make all their videos from scratch...

Growth Hackers leverage their competitor’s videos!

How does the ability to use other people's videos and make money on them sound to you? Correct - you do ZERO filming yourself - and you can even use your competitors' videos to drive sales to YOUR products or services.

Oh - and of course it's all 100% legitimate, and 100% above board - no weird hacks that can get your account banned or any of that blah. Yup. Really! Pinky swear!

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Let me say that again: Forget the "I need MOOAAAAR YouTube Subscribers" argument - as you only earn around $1,000 per one MILLION views of your YouTube video. All that expensive equipment, that production effort and editing...

ORRRRRRR.... you can complete the 43-minute "How To Make $200 A Day Using YouTube" lecture (it's one of around 30 - all winners, no fillers!), and be making money inside 24 hours.

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